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CFJ wants to empower our local women, by being a leading facilitators and set a good example when it comes to gender equal activities and support.

Women and youth have few places to go in our town, therefore few options to improve their skills, get new ideas and new knowledge.

We are eager to establish projects were people from both Beit Ummar and our neighboring villages can come and widen their social network, then bring new skills and knowledge from our center back to their local villages.


We have an active women committee that makes local products and embroideries. Local women in Beit Ummar have participated in several training projects lead by CFJ or other organizations.


Local market 

At the moment we are working to establish a local market and factory in Beit Ummar. The market will be run by our women committee and be favorable for residents in our town, the surrounding villages and for people throughout the West Bank.

We want our women to be active citizens and contribute to provide them with the tools and trainings they need to be part of developing our society in a good way. The market will become self-sufficient, providing local women with much needed income and skills in marketing, product design and business management.

Beit Ummar is famous for its grapes, fig, apple and plums. The agriculturist have the opportunity to produce Value Added Tax (VAT) product such as jams, molasses and dried figs. With the consultation of Fair Trade organizations, the ultimate goal is to sell these products abroad, enabling local women to access markets they otherwise have not been able to reach.  The market will also be designed to expand as capacity is increased, and include products from neighboring towns such as Sourif, Al Jaba' (known for olive oil production), and Arroub refugee camp (handicrafts).



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Who We Are?

Center for Freedom and Justice (CFJ) is a community based organization in Beit Ummar, West Bank. The center was established in 2008 and aims to support and empower marginalized groups in our society and make the living conditions for the residents of Beit Ummar as good as possible.


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