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Agricultural Committee

Agricultural Committee

The Center for Freedom and Justice among with the Agricultural Committee on February 1, 2018 have begun installing iron columns in the land near Road (60), which 450 iron columns were installed to support grape trees.


After the installation of the columns, 900 holes were made to plant in them grape + plum trees.


Half of the trees were grapes and they need iron columns in their growth to rely on them when they get older.


This process is taking action so far, and the CFJ is planting the trees hand in hand with local farmers.

The total trees planted in the land is now 3000 tress benefiting farmers.


Who We Are?

Center for Freedom and Justice (CFJ)  is a Palestinian NGO located at Beit Omar –Palestine.

We are located between Bethlehem and Hebron on the main southern highway of the West Bank Route 60. The Center for Freedom and Justice (CFJ) was formally established in 2010


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