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Goat farm project

CFJ has started a goat farm in Beit Ummar. The project is targeting marginalized families in general and women specifically. It will help them financially, reducing unemployment, encouraging productivity ,and supporting women to be more independent. 

The implementation of the goat farm project started in Beit Ummar June 2018. We started with maintenance work along with buying some basic tools before bringing the goats. We got water tanks, iron feedlots, water feedlots etc.                                                                                                        

The second phase started in February 2019. We then bought the goats and brought them to the farm. The project was implemented in cooperation with Bridge of Peace organization.                                                    

Greenhouse project

One of our recent projects have been to build five greenhouses.70% of the population of Beit Ummar are farmers. The town is famous for its grapes, fig, apple and plums. Beit Ummar is the commercial center of a variety of towns in the Northern Hebron District, as well as a frequently visited place for international delegations and tours. The town is however surrounded by 6 illegal Israeli settlements that increases the farmers possibility to harvest their land and their access to water. Therefore there is a big need to find new sources of income for them. The greenhouses  increases their income. The greenhouses will also make sure that a variety of fruits and vegetables are being grown in Beit Ummar throughout the year.

Beit Ummar park

 The park is now open for the public. Visit

We have a football stadion, a swimming pool, outdoor gym and a restaurant. 


Green village

Center for Freedom and Justice (CFJ) aims to contribute to make our town - Beit Ummar, West Bank, a green, clean and environment friendly place . Our aim is to plant trees in our main road, a road that goes through the entire city center.  The trees will be planted in locally produced stone containers. We will place trash cans close to every tree. We will also conduct trainings in recycling, gardening, maintenance and environmental issues for youth. We hope that our environmental project will inspire the residents in our town, the surrounding villages and people throughout the West Bank to develop and take good care of their local communities.

We believe that a green and clean city center will contribute to make a better atmosphere and a healthier environment for our residents. CFJ wants our community to be filled with active and well-educated youth and aims to provide them with the tools and trainings they need to be part of developing our society in a good and eco friendly way. The green village project will also ensure local workers with much needed income and give our youth skills in gardening, product design and project management.

Market of hope

Read more under Women projects.



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Who We Are?

Center for Freedom and Justice (CFJ)  is a Palestinian NGO located at Beit Omar –Palestine.

We are located between Bethlehem and Hebron on the main southern highway of the West Bank Route 60. The Center for Freedom and Justice (CFJ) was formally established in 2010


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